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Are you in need of merchant cash advance debt relief? When considering your options to lower MCA debt, you will want to consider your businesses financial health. You will, at some point, want to seek the guidance of a professional. This could be a loan officer with your local bank or credit union – an MCA debt restructuring company – even the MCA lender(s) themselves.
Like any type of debt lowering option, there is no one size fits all. MCA debt situations come in many different forms. Some severe and some not so much.

The typical ways that MCAs are lowered are by a consolidation loan, through an MCA debt relief or restructuring program and by negotiating a restructured agreement with your lenders yourself.

Below, we will cover in more detail each of these options. Once you feel certain which approach makes the most sense for your particular situation, the next step is to contact a company or companies that provide such services.

Merchant Cash Advance Debt Relief

Consolidating all cash advances into a single loan allows a business to free up cash-flow, speeding up their repayment of debt and lowering their business’s debt ratios. These types of financial institutions include:

  • Midprime Financing
  • Reverse Consolidation
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Institutional Lenders
  • MCA Consolidation Specialists

The required debt size and documentation needed will be different for each institution. If you find an institution that requires a lot of documentation, don’t shy away. They may offer the best terms because of their stringent requirements.

Debt Relief Companies Who Specialize in MCA Debt

There are companies that provide the service of business loan modification. This is commonly refered to as MCA debt relief. The services these companies provide is negotiating a restructured payment plan and term with your creditors. This option should be a strong consideration when consolidating isn’t an option. National Credit Partners is member of the American Fair Credit Council.

Most MCA relief companies offer certain perks during the program. These include:


  • To protect your business’s finances.
  • To negotiate a low enough settlement that it is manageable and offers sufficent relief.
  • Ability to save the funds needed to pay the final settlement.
  • To ultimately settle your MCA debt.

Lower MCA Debt By Contacting Your Lenders Directly

If you are not dealing with multiple, or a lot of MCAs, you may want to contact your lenders yourself. You may be able to get them to extend the term. If they are unwilling to work with you directly, let them know that you will be seeking the help of a debt settlement company that specializes in business debt. This will either make them more willing to help – or let you know seeking help is your best option.

Services includes:

  • Debt Management
  • Business Debt Restructuring
  • Analyzing Business Debt
  • Business Loan Modification
  • Debt Negotiations
  • Network of Attorney
  • Commercial Debt Restructuring Strategies
  • Debt Counseling Exit Strategies
  • Organization Debt Restructuring
  • Graduated Debt Relief
  • Personal Debt Analysis

Why Us?

We Have Helped Businesses Restructure Millions in Debt. We have over 20 years of combined experience in the industry and an A+ BBB Rating. Our process increases cash flow and eliminates debt.

Who We Are

National Credit Partners is a business financial firm that specializes in business debt relief and business loan modification. By leveraging our knowledge of the Merchant Cash Advance industry and relationships with direct lenders, we are able to get results quickly and without legal action being filed.


Provides a lifeline for over-extended business owners who are drowning in debt.

  • Reduce your business debt payments by up to 40%-60%
  • Improve business cash flow quickly
  • Save your business from closing

AFCC Member

We are an American Fair Credit Council alliance member business. We strive ourselve to follow AFCC’s strict Code of Conduct. AFCC has determined that National Credit Partners meets AFCC Alliance Membership Standards.

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