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National Credit Partners has over 20 years of combined experience. We’ll ensure you always get the best guidance. Are you tired of receiving repeated calls from collection agencies calling on behalf of your credit card lenders? Are you afraid to answer your phone? Do you frequently find threatening letters in your mailbox? National Credit Partners has been resolving business debt issues for years. We work with small businesses all over the country to preserve assets and eliminate debt. Our goal is to optimize your business by tailoring our services to your individual requirements. We offer a bailout opportunity to small business owners. This FAQ will give you the information necessary to take the next step.

Simply call us at 888-766-3998 and ask to speak to a certified business debt consultant. You can also click on Get Started for our online enrollment.  

We have helped clients with as many as 7 merchant cash advances.

Setup time is quick and easy!  Same day-contracts, 24 hours for case review, 3  days to deposit first payment, and immediate negotiations with creditors.

We provide state-of-the-art online software dashboard for tracking your case, online statements for tracking payments; excellent customer service; the best negotiation team in the business; pre- and post-negotiation services.

Our main objective is to maintain our exceptional retention rate by providing the highest level of customer service and education. We do this by making sure that our customer service team, processing staff, and negotiators are not overloaded with files and that they are under daily supervision by our management team.

Upon defaulting on your daily payments owed to MCA creditors, you will most certainly encounter the aggressive, harassing collection techniques employed by the industry. Rude text messages sent to your cell phone and the use of fake caller ID programs are some of the more nefarious tactics that we see on a regular basis. Do not agree to any terms until you understand your contracts.