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Cash Advance Debt

Merchant cash advance loans offer quick approval and flexibility, taking a percentage of your profits rather than using a fixed pay date. Because they do not require a long credit history or significant assets, they can be especially helpful to small businesses that are expecting rapid growth. However, when the growth you were expecting doesn’t come or other unexpected costs occur, you can easily find yourself in a losing battle with the high interest rates that come with this type of loan.

Struggling to keep on top of their business debt, many businesses fall into the trap of taking out additional loans to pay off their merchant cash advance. Then they find themselves unable to pay back their business loans, they repeat the process over and over again until they have stacked up several high-interest loans. This is a death trap for many businesses.

What many businesses do not know is that there is a way to get out of this trap. A business debt restructuring company like National Credit Partners can be an advocate for your business and help you get out of business debt through the strategic use of UCC -1 filings. Creditors use UCC-1 filings to claim first rights on your business assets if you are unable to pay your loan. Multiple creditors may have filed UCC-1s, but they can’t all have first priority. In this scenario, the first creditor to file is given priority. The other creditors must wait until you have completely repaid your loan to the creditors above them before they can collect. If your assets are worth less than what you owe to your first position creditor, the other creditors hold no equity in your assets. This is where National Credit Partnerscomes in, negotiating power and strategies to make more favorable arrangements with the creditors to help restructure your business debts. Our goal is to build a good relationship with Creditors to help both sides come to a compromise offer to move forward. In this example, we can reduce your debt and help secure your company’s assets. We customize each strategy uniquely to help save businesses, and we can help you too
if you are behind or struggling to pay off your business loans.
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